Welcome Aboard!!

We are extremely excited to let you know that Routes International is undergoing a major facelift and many changes. We have been on the net for almost 25 years, and as technology progresses, it is essential to stay up to date.

The re-construction is a work in progress, you might find a problem here or there, but we are moving forward in our quest that within a few weeks everything will fire on all cylinders.

If you find any aspect of our site that is not functioning as it should please let us know. Your input is invaluable.

It is a pleasure to welcome you as a new member. You now have the opportunity to participate in a unique transportation and travel reference and booking site with thousands of members in over 160 countries.

You have my absolute assurance that your e-mail address is held in strict confidentiality. If your address changes a short notification with your old and new one is appreciated.

Our site connects you with the vast “people transportation” world. Whether you are a transportation professional searching for information such as contacts, suppliers, colleagues, customers etc. or perhaps a “clippie” from Manchester embarking on a real or imaginary journey, you have established an unparalleled point of departure!

Routes International links you to thousands of people movers for all modes of transportation by land, rail, sea, air and space.

You can read some amusing stories from my book Routes, The Lighter Side of Public Transit. After numerous requests for another book, Routes, The Sequel is right here on this site. Enjoy your stay with us,

With best regards,
Heinz Hammer