How could I know the bus was coming? It usually doesn't show up!" (Spain)

Daily Dilemma: "What should I wear?" (Al Ramirez, Phoenix, USA)

"Four spaces left, you, and one more..." (Spain)

"Please use your car. Thank you." (Germany)
New cost cutting measures

Further cost cutting measures (Germany)

"But Officer, this is my route, I'm not cruising! (Al Ramirez, Phoenix, USA)




Long lasting cost saving measures (Mike Rudyk, Canada)

"Hop in! I'm the Bus!" (Germany)

"Supervisor's Help" (Al Ramirez)
by Cindy Buckshon (original)

forwarded by Mike Slavin

Response to Fare Increases according to Murphy (Vancouver Province, 1988)

From Life in the Curb Lane, by Kathie Klassen