Travel Books

  Atlas of the World

by National Geographic Society

National Geographic retains its reputation as one of the finest mapmakers of the world with the seventh edition of their atlas of the world. The maps look the same as the sixth edition, but a fully updated section of urban area maps has been included. $105.00

by Denis O’Byrne, John Murray

Whether you want to walk the Larapinta Trail or dive on Ningaloo, wine and dine in multicultural Melbourne or gaze at the stars in the awesome Outback – you’ll find this guide to the continent of extremes indispensable. $19.96
China (Lonely Planet)

by Caroline Liou, Marie Cambon and others

Once in China the book is awesome on where to go, the background and history of where you are, and how to get there. The maps and train times are so important. .China is a great and challenging trip. To do it right you need to be ready for it before and while there. Simply put, the LP book is the best way to get ready for a big trip to China. 1088 pages of sheer delight. $23.99
Europe Through the Back Door

by Rick Steves

Along with tried-and-true tips on packing, transport, sleeping and eating well on a budget, and meeting the locals, Steves reveals more than 30 “back doors” found throughout Europe, from a tiny lake town in Austria to the narrowest gorge in the world, which winds through Crete. If Europe is your destination, this book is more important than your luggage. $17.56

(Fodor’s 2001 France)

Fodor’s Gold Guides are ideal for travelers who want to experience the flavors, sights, and sounds of their destination. Short, medium, and long itineraries advise readers on what to see in the time they have. A-to-Z listings of important contacts and travel tips, detailed maps with bullets pinpointing hotels and restaurants, background essays, and a comprehensive index make the perfect travel package. $16.00
Gateway to Japan

by June Kinoshita, Nicholas Palesvsky

The best guidebook. It is unbelievably detailed and informative. You can learn a tremendous amount about the culture, history, and people of Japan before you even step off the plane. $19.20
Germany (Lonely Planet)

by Andrea Schulter-Peevers, Jeremy Gray

Smack in the middle of Europe, Germany’s got the Bavarian Alps, windswept North Sea islands, the Black Forest and the castle-dotted Rhine. And there’s Berlin, a city where you could easily spend all your vacation and not see a tenth of what it has to offer. Germany has history aplenty, an enormous variety of museums, cosmopolitan sophistication and rural quaintitude, camping, beer gardens, and music of all kinds. In short, Germany is the kind of place where a guidebook makes all the difference. $17.56

 (Lonely Planet)

by Glenda Bendure, Ned Friari

This practical guide is all you need to plan a perfect adventure on the planet’s most isolated archipelago, the Hawaiian Islands. Offering full coverage of both the major and outlying islands – from golden-sand beaches and festive resorts to matchless wildlife sightings and world-class activities – this guide contains reliable information for independent travelers of every age and interest. $15.96

by various authors

This is one of the best guides for Italy available on the market. It is perfect if you are planning to go to a few cities in a limited time or for more in depth information when planning a longer trip. Everyone agrees it is top of the line.

On and Off the Beaten Path

The Bahamas

by Stephen J. Pavlidis

The Central and Southern Bahamas Guide : From South Florida to the Turks and Caicos $34.95
Polar Tourism

by Margaret E. Johnston, Colin M. Hall

This book provides the first comprehensive overview of tourism in the polar regions and addresses not only the impacts of tourism in these fragile regions, but also the mechanisms by which tourism in environmentally sensitive and culturally unique areas can become sustainable. $150.00
Russia, Ukraine & Belarus

(Lonely Planet)

by Richard Nebesky, John Noble, George Wesley

It is undoubtedly hard to write a good guidebook on countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, where the situation has been changing daily for the last 12 years, in almost every aspect of life. Hotels, restaurants and other outlets change. Styles of life change, as do security and the uninspiring state bureaucracy. Yet, Lonely Planet has successfully overcome this challenge, and produced an excellent guidebook. $22.36

by Rick Steves

The book includes the best local sights and activities, friendly places to eat and sleep, suggested day plans and itineraries that mix the famous and not-so-famous, and clear transportation instructions that make it easy to get anywhere by car,
train, or foot.
South America on a Shoestring

by James Lyon, Andrew Draffen, Conner Gorry

Covers Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, The Guianas, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and the Falkland Islands. Take it off for Carnaval in Rio or bundle up tight for a trek through the Andean highlands. From ancient Machu Picchu to happening Bueno Aires, dense Amazon jungles to balmy Brazilian beaches, this guidebook covers
every corner of this diverse and vibrant continent.
The Travel Detective

by Peter

Americans now travel more than ever before. Yet as our traveling has increased, the service we receive from airlines, hotels, cruises and other agencies has deteriorated dramatically. Industry surveys reveal what you already feel: growing dissatisfaction among travelers of every age, income, and education level. We’ve been abused by the travel
experience. Peter Greenberg is here to help.
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook

by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht

Just in time for summer travel, the hyperimaginative and slightly paranoid authors of The worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, 1999’s favorite gift book, deliver what will no doubt become popular airport reading for stranded passengers in 2001. Starting with the cheery statistic that “more than 50 percent of all travelers run into problems,” and the basic advisory to “always be ready for the worst,” the book presents concise and extremely knowledgeable “how-to” assistance $8.97