Books Rail Road

A Single Stop for European Rail Travel

All Aboard!

by Jim Loomis

The Complete North American Train Travel
Guide (All Aboard, 2nd Ed)

American Locomotives

by Ron Ziel

Spectacular album of 126 “builder’s photographs” of the locos as they came out of the factories–chiefly Baldwin and Lima. $11.16

by David C. Nice

The History and Politics of a National Railroad {Explorations in Public Policy)

Bruce Reynolds

The Autobiography of a Thief

The Great Train Robbery was the most infamous robbery in British history, and Bruce Reynolds’ account of his life covers every detail of the crime and its aftermath, up to the present day. £6.39
Building the New Rapid Transit System of New York City ca. 1915

by Fred Lavis, James C. Greller

Excellent history book on the building of the New York subway. $17.95

by Mike Schafer

Enthusiast Color Series $11.96
Dining by Rail

by James D. Porterfield

The History and Recipes of America’s Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine $14.36
Eight Great American Rail Journeys

by Karen Ivory, John Grant

You’ve seen the acclaimed public television programs and you’ve read the firsthand accounts in the Great American Rail Journeys companion book. Now find out how to have your own unforgettable train adventure. $8.95
The Electric Interurban Railways in

by George W. Hilton, John F. Due

The book is exhaustively researched and documented, and yet very readable. It brings alive an industry that has almost vanished from the collective memory of America.

Empire Express

by David Haward Bain

Building the 1st Transcontinental Railroad $14.40
The Engine Driver’s Manual

by Brian Topping

How to Prepare, Fire and Drive a Steam Locomotive

Famous Trains of the 20th Century

by Christopher Chand

Famous Trains Worldwide $21.95


Grand Central Terminal

by Kurt C. Schlichting

Railroads, Engineering, and Architecture in New York City

Great American Railroad Stations

by Janet Greenstein Potter

comprehensive guide documents over 700 great American railroad stations in existence today. All the stations have been selected based on their architectural features, historical significance, current use and status and are organized by region for ease of use.
The Great Railway Bazaar

by Paul Theroux

In this unique and hugely entertaining railway odyssey, Theroux vividly recounts his travels on the Orient Express, the Khyber Mail, and the Trans-Siberian Express, through such countries as Turkey, Iran, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the Soviet Union. $11.16
The Great Train Robbery Files

by Bruce & Nick Reynolds

An astonishing book offers a wealth of press perceptions of events surrounding the great train robbery. This unique collaboration of press cuttings is a master piece of educational value to young and old alike. There is no other book available in the world which has so much to offer on this piece of British history. £11.99

Guide to North American Steam Locomotives

by George H. Drury

This book is unbelievable! It has history on the steam locomotives, the railroads who owned them, the manufactures, some of the major loco designers and the list goes on $22.36
The Historical Guide to North American Railroads : 160 Lines Abandoned or Merged Since 1930

by George H. Drury

In the past seven decades the American railroad industry has undergone sweeping changes including a bewildering sucession of mergers. This book is a useful starting place to try and make sense of it. $23.16
Hot Spots

by J. David Ingles

Indispensable for railfans who travel, this guide takes you to 100 of the busiest, most interesting train-watching sites across the U.S. and Canada. Each spread includes a color photo and authoritative text about the site written by train-watching experts all over North America. $19.96
Iron Horse

by Peter Lorie, Colin Garatt

A History of the Steam Train from

(used only, out of print)


Iron Horses

by Verlay Kay

With extraordinary depth and realistic detail, the double-page spreads show the individual men laboring to lay the tracks across the huge, open prairie and through the granite mountains, untilinally the rails from east and west meet in Utah and the iron horses steam across the land, smoke stretching back like billowing hair in the wind. $12.79
Iron Road To The Isles

by Michael Pearson

A Travellers and Tourists Guide to the West Highland Lines £4.99

King Solomon’s Carpet

by Barbara Vine

From its tragic opening to its end it concerns itself with the people and the places of the London Underground. The often bizarre andpathological relationships between the characters make the book a tense exploration of psychological abnormality, and there’s a wonderful eccentricity in the atmosphere that combined with a really original plot
development and brilliant ending makes this a great read.
Landmarks on the Iron Road

by William D. Middleton

Two Centuries of North American Railroad Engineering (Railroads Past and Present $31.96
The Last Steam Railroad in America

by O. Winston Link, Thomas Garver

“Link’s highly stylized photos of Virginia’s Norfolk and Western Railroad, shot in the 1950s, are both high art and classic Americana. . . . A must for all photobuffs.”-New York Daily News $19.98
The Old Patagonian Express by Train Through the Americas

 by Paul

The concept is simple: Travel by train from Boston USA to Argentina and write about what you experience. The execution is something else, and it makes every page quite interesting. Those who have experienced Paul Theroux’s travel writing don’t have to be convinced of the pleasant experience to expect from this book. For those unfamiliar with his work, this is a very good place to start. $11.20
Pennsy Streamliners: The Blue Ribbon Fleet

by Joe Welsh

To those of us who grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the Northeast, this well-researched and finely illustrated book brings those times and trains vividly back into view, with a clear reminder of the last halcyon days of American passenger train service. For those of us who had the pleasure of riding the likes of “The Broadway Limited”, “The
Congressional” “The Spirit of Saint Louis” and many other fine Pennsy trains, this book is a vivid and beautiful reminder of what we had and what we have lost.
The Pillars of Hercules

by Paul Theroux

Paul takes us on a fascinating journey by rail around the Mediterranean in a modern re-creation of “The Grand Tour”. To the long tradition of such fare, he contributes considerable descriptive power, strong characterizations, humor and informed humanity. $11.20
The Railroad Passenger Car

by August Mencken

An Illustrated History of the First Hundred Years With Accounts by Contemporary Passengers

Railway Conductors

by Edwin Clyde Robbins


A Study in organized Labor $32.50
Railways and the Victorian Imagination

by Michael J. Freeman

A thoughtful study of the background static from which trains sprang and how they, in turn, shaped nineteenth century society and culture. $36.00
Riding The Rails

by Errol Lincoln Uys

Teenagers on the Move during the Great Depression $19.96
Runaway Rattler

by James Nicholls

This is the story of a lone traveller who sets out to circumnavigate the world, not by conventional yacht, hot air balloon, canoe or even bicycle, but by train. Apart from unavoidable airline flights and buses in places where he runs out of railway lines, he achieves his aim and the entire journey is completed on board trains. Several months after setting off he eventually arrives back at where it all began. $19.95
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Set Up Running

by John W. Orr, James D. Porterfield

The Life of a Pennsylvania Railroad Engineman 1904-1949

Starlight on the Rails

by Jeff Brouws, Richard Steinheimer, Ed Delvers

 Here, in a stylish and moving book, are the last great steam engines, lonely motormen, silent stations, and more, all evoking the spirit of night railroading-as quintessentially American as cool jazz-in its glory days. $31.96
Station to Station

by Steven Parissien

This thoroughly
readable, irresistible volume on railroad-station architecture is so inclusive that it even has a still from Hitchcock’s “The Lady Vanishes”. Filled with such memorabilia, Station to Station is like a long, wonderful journey in which the stations themselves–our destinations–are simply the high points.
Steam, Steel & Stars

by O. Winston Link

America’s Lost Steam Railroad $19.98
This Train is Bound for Glory

by Wilma Rugh Taylor, Norman Thomas Taylor

The Story of American Chapel Car Rentals

This is an excellent history of the railroad chapel Car Rentals used in the United States in the latter 1800’s & early 1900’s. It is a good review of how the gospel was brought into newly developed railroad towns that had no established churches and in many cases wild & wooly towns.

the Tank Engine’s Big Lift-And-Look Book

by W., Rev. Awdry, Owen Bell

Based on the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry (Great Big Flap Books)

Thomas The Real Useful Engine

by Tommy Stubbs

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends $9.59
Tourist Railroads and Museums

by the Publishers of Trains & Classic TrainsMagazine

Lists more than 450 attractions, with complete descriptions, operating schedules, locations, photos, special events, and directions. Includes entrance fee/ticket coupons good for discounts at 96 attractions! 5 1/2 x 8 1/2; more than 480 pgs.; approx. 400 b&w photos $13.56
Tunneling To The Future

by Peter Derrick

Story of the Great Subway Expansion That Saved New York
Twilight Of The Great Trains

by Fred W. Frailey, Terry Spohn

Twilight of the Great Trains is the world’s best book! It is descriptive and brilliant! Fred W. Frailey is an inspiring and amazing author! I would recommend this to the young and old and to train lovers and non-train lovers! $39.96

by Marian Swerdlow

This unusual glimpse of the other side of life on the tracks reveals how things look from the conductor’s point of view. $54.95
Under The Sidewalks of New York

by Brian J. Cudahy

The Story of the Greatest Subway System in New York $19.95


USA by Rail

by John Pitt

This third edition of USA by Rail features fully revised information on train travel throughout North America. $14.36
Vintage Diesel Locomotives

by Mike Schafer

Mike Schafer certainly did his homework. For a general overview of early diesels, this is a very nice book; your money will be well spent on it. $11.96
Where to See the Best British Steam
A touring guide and historical testimonial to the working steam railways and railway museums of Britain; from the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, with its collection of classic Victorian and Edwardian engines and coaching stock, to the Strathspey Railway in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. £15.99

A Single Stop for European Rail Travel