Marine Related

100 Best Cruise Vacations

by Theodore W. Scull

With hundreds of cruises available worldwide, choosing just the right one for your budget and taste can be a frustrating experience. Cruise travel expert Ted Scull leads the way to the best, but not necessarily the most expensive, cruises all over the world. $18.95
Cruise Ship Jobs!

by Cynthia Ossenfort

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to travel all over the world? Of having a fun, exciting job that you enjoyed? Would you like to spend your free time exploring Caribbean islands and other faraway places? Congratulations- with this guide, your dreams can become reality! $12.95
Cruise Vacations With Kids

by Candyce A. Stapen

In this completely revised and updated edition, family travel expert Candyce H. Stapen reviews the best cruises around the world and discusses the specific needs, arrangements, and safety issues for families with children of all ages. $14.95
Cruising & Cruise Ships 2001

by Douglas Ward

The Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2001 rates 255 cruise ships cruising the world’s oceans and waterways. Providing all the advice the first-time or repeat cruiser will ever need, this is the essential guide to choosing the perfect cruise. $17.56

Exploring Careers on Cruise Ships (Career Library)

by Don Kennedy


Published spring 1993. Upbeat yet realistic in his approach, Kennedy offers young adults the information they will need to help them decide whether a career on a cruise
ship suits them.

Ferry Services in Europe

(Plymouth Studies in Contemporary Shipping)
by Funda Yercan


Hard Cover, Published November 1999. Well written and extensively researched. $74.95

Ghosts Of The Titanic

by James Cameron, Charles Pellegrino

An unexplored niche which mixes the memoirs of survivors with learned speculation on the fate of certain of the ship’s passengers–some of them shot to deter a rush on the few lifeboats–to reconstruct just what happened on that fateful April night. $20.80

Great Passenger Ships of the World Today

by Arnold Kludas

This hardcover book features photo’s of almost all the ships reviewed and a history from their construction to their more recent port of call. Kludas has compiled one of the most concise Ocean Liner books next to the Fifty Famous Liners series from Braynard. $41.95

Landfalls of Paradise

by Earl R. Hinz

The definitive guide for cruising the Pacific since its first edition in 1980. This fourth edition contains the most current information on customs and immigration procedures, together with revised harbor charts and updated descriptions of more than seventy-five ports of entry and many lesser harbors and anchorages. $44.95

Liners To The Sun

by John Maxtone-Graham

John Maxtone-Graham has assembled a wealth of detail into an urbanely written volume…mandatory reading for all those who love ships, the sea and the ways of travelers…the cruise passenger who is serious about his fun will surely carry Liners to the Sun in his luggage… $28.00


Selling The Sea

An inside Look at the Cruise Industry

by Bob Dickinson, Andy Vladimir

In the past five years alone, the number of first-time cruise ship passengers has increased by nearly 40%. And no one is predicting when this phenomenal growth will end. Who are the major industry players and what is the secret behind their success? How does the cruise industry operate, how is it financed, and what is the management philosophy that drives the most successful lines? $35.96


Triumph and Tragedy

by Charles A. Haas

A second edition from 1994, after the authors got a chance to explore the wreckage. A must have for the Titanic book collection, this book offers photos and information not usually found in most books. Quite an interesting find and something you won’t want to pass up.


World Cruising Routes

by Jimmy Cornell

For the armchair dreamer or serious voyager, more than 500 sailing routes through the world’s oceans laid out with descriptions of season, highlights, charts, GPS waypoints, and navigational hazards. This is the only book of its type for cruising sailors, the only comprehensive cruising guide to all the world’s oceans. $39.96