Bus, Trams and Trolley Books


by Stephen L. Meyers

A lighthearted history of the open Trolley car in America $56.00
The Cable Car in America

by George Woodman Hilton

A New Treatise upon Cable or Rope Traction As Applied to the Working of Street and Other Railways
The most thorough study of the technology and the history of cable Car Rentals ever written.
Cable Car Rentals

by Lola M. Schaefer

From the Transportation Library $18.60
Chicago Transit

by David M. Young

Combining nostalgia and historical detail, David Young tells the colorful story of transportation in Chicago, from the plank roads of the 1850s to the streetcar straphangers of the 1920s to the articulated buses of the 1990s $35.00
Greyhound Buses

by William A. Luke

Photo Archive

International Airport Transit Guide

by Ronald D. Salk

New York Times
“One Step behind comfortable shoes as a necessity for the air traveler.”
Los Angeles Times
“As indispensable a tool for strategic planning on the road as the Official Airline Guide.”

McKeesport Trolleys

by Ronald L. Beal

McKeesport Trolleys, 24 years in the making, takes us back to this world with more than 200 pictures of the streetcar era, and a hundred more graphics which help us to understand the exact streets and destinations of the various lines.Mr. Beal has created a beautiful book, and has performed a valuable public service. This book is an original historical document; without it, the era of the trolley car in McKeesport would have faded completely. $39.95
Poetry In Motion

by Molly Peacock, Elise Paschen, Neil Neches

A rich gathering emanating from the immensely popular poetry placards displayed on the subways and buses in New York City, Poetry in Motion offers an eclectic mix, ranging from Sappho and Slyvia Plath to W.H. Auden and ninth-century Chinese poet Chu Chen Po. $10.40

Riding the Bus with my Sister

by Rachel Simon

This is, quite simply, a splendid earthbound book. With admirable honesty Rachel Simon details her year spent riding the buses of an unnamed Pennsylvania city with her “mentally challenged” younger sister Beth.

Unsentimental, clear-eyed, and painfully truthful, Simon interweaves scenes from the family’s past into the tales of her travels with the self-named Cool Beth. We meet a series of quite remarkable drivers, some of whom display levels of wisdom and kindness that are exceptional; as well, the majority of the drivers possess philosophical attitudes and good-heartedness. It’s a view from that front bench seat by the door that will undoubtedly alter every reader’s perception and/or preconceived notions about the people who carry us from one point to another–in any city or town.

The Lighter Side of Public Transit


by Heinz Hammer

Many transit systems throughout the world have reached a century of experience. Millions of people, with a colorful multitude of personalities, utilize public transportation of all sorts every day. It should not be surprising that many unusual events take place in the never-ending quest of moving people, be it by land, sea or air.
ROUTES contains over 100stories from five continents. They range from hilarious to bizarre, from shocking to heartwarming.
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The Street Cars of New Orleans

by Louis C. Hennick, E. Harper Charlton

Authors Charlton and Hennick wrote a masterpiece. This is the Bible for New Orleans streetcar history, with many facts, anecdotes, maps, and photographs. Every era up to 1965 is covered: the rise, heyday, and fall of animal, steam, and electric traction in Louisiana’s largest city. $20.00
Subways Of The World

by Stan Fischler

Author Stan Fischler’s interest in Subways developed as a child in New York City and having ridden subways all over the world, he has now written about 10 major systems (London, New York, Moscow, Paris, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, San Franciso, and Tokyo). $11.96
  American Buses, Greyhound, Trailways and Urban Transportation

by David Jacobs

(109502A) $55.00
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TrolleyCar Rentals

by Frank Sullivan, Fred Winkowski

StreetCar Rentals, Trams and Trolleys of North America  A
Photographic History
from $23.54

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The TTC Story

by Mike Filey

Mike Filey has put together a transit history book for the rest of us. Covering the first seventy five years of the Toronto Transit Commission, Mike skims the surface, offering up an anecdote from each year in the system’s history. $14.00
Transit in British Columbia

by Brian Kelly, Daniel Francis

The First 100 Years $12.95
The Transit Metropolis

A Global Inquiry

by Robert Cervero

Noted transportation expert Robert Cervero provides an on-the-ground look at more than a dozen mass transit success stories, introducing the concept of the “transit metropolis”–a region where a workable fit exists between transit services and urban form. $45.00
Transit Talk

by Robert W. Snyder, Peter Hamill

This testimony to working life illuminates the stories, adventures, and wisdom of New York transit workers. More than 100 transit workers were interviewed to discover just what goes on behind the scenes of public transportation. $35.00

Transit Villages in the 21st Century

by Michael Bernick and Robert Burke Cervero

Design tomorrow’s transit villages today. Now you can see first-hand how such groundbreaking transit villages asMission Valley station in San Diego and Ballston Station in northernVirginia are setting a new standard in urban development. In Transit Villages in the 21st Century, by Michael S. Bernick and Robert Burke Cervero, you’ll see how to design efficient, environmentally friendly transit communities that hug metropolitan rail systems to reduce gridlock and spur growth. $34.36
Trolley Buses 1910 – 2001

by William A. Luke

1913 Through 2001 Photo Archive $20.97
Why do Buses Come in Threes?

by Robert Eastaway, Jeremy Wyndham, Tim Rice

In chapter after chapter, Eastaway and Wyndham successfully navigate statistics, codes, coincidences, and many other parts of our lives, peeling away the surface to show what’s really going on to make things so weird and wonderful. $11.96

Yale Bowl and the Open Trolleys


by John D. Somers

The factual detail and historic perspective offered by Mr. Somers, complimented by fifty-three original photographs sharing the visual history of the era, make this a must for any trolley or train enthusiast. out of print

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