Advertising Opportunities

At Routes International we are in the business of introducing transportation and travel companies by any mode to clients, resources and suppliers who provide the products and services they seek. Over the last 14 years we have developed a web presence that attracts a large transportation and travel community. We are ranked in the top 5% of visited web sites with members in over 160 countries. As such, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information in regard to all modes of "people" transportation and travel. We provide our visitors and members with all necessary resources to plan, compare and book all modes of travel based on informed decisions. This makes Routes International a most effective vehicle to attract and target business regardless of your location worldwide.

Routes International offers several forms of advertising to help you attract customers

Newsletter advertising, "Our Travel Picks" page, bold listings, large listings, banner ads and hosting pages.

Newsletter advertising

Our newsletter reaches thousands of members looking for the products and services you might provide. Our newsletter broadcasts your text with a 30 word limit, and, if you like, a photo (specified size), to members in over 160 countries and allows users to directly link to your URL.

Bold Listings

Bold lettering makes your listing stand out. This feature is available for all existing free links on any page. The cost varies from page to page starting at $20 per year.

Large Listings

Large listings are perhaps the most cost effective method of making your listing stand out (only available for certain pages). For this kind of listing you can also specify a color of your choice at no extra charge. The cost for this type of listing varies from page to page starting at $50 per year.

Banner ads

We offer excellent banner advertising rates based on placement location and banner size. We can also help you maximize your banner ad by pinpointing your target audience and rotating your banner monthly to other pages on demand.

Main sponsor hosting plan

The ultimate advertising tool (must meet certain criteria) would place your company on a page of its own within Routes International's site framework with leading links from every page of the site.

For any of the above, or specific advertising campaigns, sponsorship etc. please Contact Sales