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Transportation Support Industry

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Bus and Coach Manufacturers
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AAI Corporation
Abacus Technology Corporation, MD, USA (High Tech)
ABB Group, Worldwide (Rail vehicles, Eletrical)
ABC Bus Companies Inc. (Leasing & Sales)
Accurate Transmissions, USA
Acentech (Noise & Vibration Control)
Adtranz, Worldwide (Railway Systems)
Agent Systems (Fare Collections)
Aicotec Trade & Technology, Railway
Airomovel (Alternative Rail)
Airport Ground Support Equipment
Airport Technology
Alcatel, France (Electrical, Rail fare collection etc.)
ALK Technologies, NJ, USA (Software)
Alliance, Belgium (Rail Stations etc.)
Allison Transmissions
Alstom, France (High Speed Trains)
Altair, Engineering & Software
American Railcar Industries, MI, USA (Rail Car Rentals & Parts etc.)
Amtech Transport Systems (Locating Technology)
Anthropolis (Urban and Regional Planning & Research), Germany
Applied Image Technology
Aptrex Institute (American Public Transit Exams Institute)
ARINC, Aviation & Surface
Arcline2000, Software Specialist
Associated Industrial Brush, Canada (Cleaning Products)
Austin Analytics, Public Transport Consultancy, UK
Autocross Euroshell, UK (Bus Shelters)
Auto Shipping (International)
AVL International (Vehicle Locator)
AVL Systems, AB, Canada

Ballard Power Systems (Fuel Cells), Canada
Battelle, USA (High Tech, Vehicle Control, Fuel Alternatives etc.)
Bechtel Corp., Worldwide Consulting
Bethlehem, PA, USA
Bi-Level Commuter Train Car Rentals
Bombardier Inc., Canada (Transportation Manufacturers)
Braun Corp., USA (Wheelchair lifts, Seats etc.)
Brewster Vacations Canada
Bus Ride Magazine, WN, USA
Bus Shelters, (Euroshel, UK)

California Transit Publications
Caliper, USA (Software, Consulting etc.)
Canac, Canada (Global Railway Solutions)
Can-ar Coach Service
Catem (Emission Control)
Cattron, USA (Communications)
Chance Coach, Kansas USA (Buses)
Chicago Bus Sales
Chubba HSST Development Corp., Japan
Chuck Bohn & Assoc., Colorado (Auctions for Transportation)
Commtech International Corp., (Communications etc.)
Computerized Fleet Analysis, IL, USA
CR Buses, Refurbished Buses, North America
Cubic Fare Collection Systems
Cummins Engines, USA
Cybertrans, USA (Alternative Tech)

DAC Services, OK, USA (Driver Screening Service)
Daytech Mfg. (Transit Shelters etc)
De La Rue, Cash systems
Desec, Finland (Rail Track Builders)
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Dilax, Passenger Count Systems
Dismantlers and Recovery of Buses etc. (Dunsmore), Scotland
DMJM, Engineering
Doppelmayr, Austria (Rope Way Systems)
Doppelmayr, Austria (Cable Car)
DP Solutions, NC, USA (Computerized Maintenance)
Duagon, Germany (Rail Communication Equipment)
Dynetek, Fuel Storage Systems

Eastway, Coach Refurbishing, Canada
EDO, New York (Transportation Products)
Electosonic, Worldwide (Video Displays)
Elreg, Canada (Electronic After-Market Components)
ENTRA Consultants, North America
Erg Ltd., Australia & Int'l (Fare Collection Systems)
Ergonomics and Comfort, TNO Research and Consultancy, Netherlands
Espar Heater Systems
EvoBus, Germany

Finnkatalyt, Exhaust Gas Purification Systems
Fleet Net Computer Systems, NV, USA (Hardware, Software)
Food Service Systems, De Ster (Air, Rail, Ferry)
Four Star Engines & Parts, KS, USA
Freedman Seating Company, IL, USA

Gallop & Gallop, Transit Billboards
GE Transportation Systems, Worldwide (Manufacturer)
Giro Enterprises, Worldwide (Scheduling Software)
Global Telematics, WN, USA (Transportation Communication)
GM Electromotive (Locomotives)
GOGO Charter Bus
The Go-ahead Group, UK (Provider of Bus, Coach, Rail)
Grey Island, GPS
Ground Support Equipment (Aviation)
Gupta Permold, PA, USA (Metal & Compulsion Products etc.)

Hall Industries, PA, USA (Rail Electro Mechanical)
Hankook Int'l (Bus Airconditioning Systems)
Hill International, Project Management
HNTB, Engineering
Horizon, Internet Solutions for Transit

ICF Consulting, USA
IDenticam Systems
IITII Research, NY, USA (Rail Safety, Braking Systems etc.)
Infodev, Passenger Counting
INIT - Innovations in Transport, Germany (Complete Transit Solutions)
INRO Consultants, Canada
Intelect Corporation, MA, USA (Engineering & Equipment etc.)
IntelliTrans, Destination Signs
International Bus Exchange, Canada-USA
International Road Dynamix Inc., Canada (AVL, Data Collection etc.)
International Track Systems
Invertec's Transit Lighting, UK
iTrans Consulting, Canada

Jakes Assoc., Transportation & Management Consulting
Jasper Engines and Transmissions, IN, USA

Kamkabel, Russia (Aircraft Wiring & Cables)
Ketron (Div. of Bionetics), USA (Software, Consulting etc.)
KFH Group, MD, USA (Consultants to Transit Industry)
KKO & Associates, MA, USA (Management Info Systems, Planning etc.)
Kopke & Associates Inc., AR, USA (Research, Management, Consulting)
Koppers Industries, Worldwide (Railroad Products)
Krown Rust Control, ON, Canada

Laidlaw, North America (School Busing, Public Transit etc.)
Laniel, Canada (Transit Fare Dispensers)
The Larry McGee Co., IL, USA (Voice Communications)
Lea&Elliott, Worldwide (Planning, Research, Engineering)
Liberty Bus, Distributor, Germany
London Mat Industries, ON, Canada (Safety Zone Maps, Switches etc.)
LSA, Transportation Planning
LTK Engineering Services, Rail Consulting
Lubrizol, Engine Emission Control
Luminator, Destination Signs
Macro Corporation, PA, USA (Consulting etc.)
Magnifoam Technology, ON, Canada
Maintenance Design Group, USA (Transit Maintenance Facility Consultants)
Marshall Macklin Monoghan, Worlwide (Planning, Engineering etc.)
Martin Engineering, IL, USA (Rail Loading & Unloading Products)
MCC Climate Controls, ON, Canada
McDonald Transit Assoc. Inc., USA (Management & Consulting)
Mentor Engineering, Worldwide Service (Mobile Data Communications)
Merakas Ltd., Lithuania (Scheduling Software)
MKF Inc., CA, USA (Bus Accessories & Supplies)
Mobile Climate Control, Canada (Heating, Ventilation, AC etc.)
Mohawk Manufacturing & Supply Co., IL, USA (Replacement Parts & Accessories)
Mondo, ON, Canada (Cleaning Chemicals)
Morpace International, Worldwide (Market Research)
Morrison Hershfield Transportation Engineers, Canada (Consulting etc.)
Morrison-Knudsen, Worldwide (Design, Engineering etc.)
Multiscreen International Inc., Canada (Signs & Graphics)
Multisystems, MA, USA (Planning and Consulting)
Muncie Transit Supply

NABA, Aviation Software
National Bus Refurbishing, Canada (Bus Refurbishing)
Neoplan (Coach Builders), USA
New Flyer Industries, Canada (Parts)
Next Bus Information System, CA, USA (Bus Tracking)
NIACAD Communications, Canada (AVL etc.)
Northwest Research Group, WA, USA (Market Research, Planning etc.)
NuStats, Research & Consulting

Obie Media, USA & Canada (Transit Advertising)
Ontira Communications (Automated Information Systems)
OmniFleet, Fleet Maintenance Management Software, LA, USA
Orvitek, Electronic Monitoring
Owens Transit Group Inc., USA (High Road Rapid Transit System)

Parsons Brinckerhoff, Infrastructure Provider
Parsons Transportation Group, Worldwide (Engineering & Construction etc.)
PBS, (Fleet & Facilities Management)
PBSI Corporation, Worldwide (Planning, Design, Management)
Plaxton Coach Builders, UK
Prevost Parts, Coach & Transit
Prima Facie, PA, USA (Digital Mobile Monitoring)
Prophesy Transportation Software, USA
Prototype Incorporated, CA, USA (Fleet Management Software)
PTS Corporation, CA, USA (Rear Wheel Safety Guard)

Q'Straint, Wheelchair Products

Rail One, AR, USA (Transportation Planning & Consulting)
Rail Management Consultants, Worldwide
Rail Safety Engineering, NY, USA (Safety Critical Systems)
RAILSIM, Simulation Software Suite
Rapid Urban Flexible, Denmark (Alternative Inventions)
RBS 2000, USA (Charter Scheduling Software)
RCC Consultants
Recaro, Worldwide (Driver's & Pilot Seats)
Rewire Security, Trackers etc., UK
Ricon Group of Companies, (Worldwide), (Wheelchair Lifts etc.)
Rockwell (Flight Dynamics), IA, USA (Aviation Products & Services)
Ross & White Industry, IL, USA (Washing Equipment)
Rotary Lift, Worldwide (Vehicle Lifts & Hoists)
Ryder Transportation Services, OH, USA (Integrated Transpo Solutions)

-S-, Safety Products
Safetran Systems Corp., Worldwide (Rail Signal Relays, Transit etc.)
Safety Vision, TX, USA (Mobile Video Observation Systems)
Schedule Me!, LA, USA (Scheduling Software)
Schedule Masters, North America (Scheduling Software)
Screw Piles - FLI Structures
Sheltam, Rail services (Locomotives & Marine), Worldwide
Siemens, Canada
Siemens Transportation Systems, Germany (Rail Vehicles, Transit etc.)
S.N. Diesel Service, ON, Canada
Spear Technologies, Automation Software, USA
Specialty Bulb Co. Inc. NY, USA (Mobile Lighting)
STA, Student Transportation of America
Stone Consulting & Design, PA, USA (Rail, Trolley)
STV Group, USA (Engineering, Planning)
Systra USA, (Planning, Consultants, Construction, Bus & Rail Systems worldwide etc.)

TALGO, Train Design & Manufacturer (Worldwide)
Talk-A-Phone, IL, USA (Mobile Communications)
Talfourd-Jones, Canada (Universal Bus Safety Products)
TCT Transit Services, TN, USA (Transit Management Co.)
Tech Environmental, Inc., MA, USA (Air Quality & Noise Consultants)
Teknoware Trafo-Group, Finland (Bus Lighting & Exterior Security)
Teleride Inc. - A TTI Systems Company, Global (Software Solutions for Transit)
Titan Global Technologies, NJ, USA (Transit Alternative)
TNO Arbeid, Research & Seating, Netherlands
Tokmakjian Group, Canada (Diesel, Bus Rebuilt, Charters)
Tram Factory
Tran Cert Marketing (Metal Treatment Products, Transportation Products)
TransACT, (Scheduling, Consulting etc.)
Transfield RSA, Engineering, Australia
Transit Sales International, CA, USA (Bus Sales)
Transit Standards Consortium (TSC)
Transmatic Lighting & Air Controls, MI, USA
TMS (Transportation Management Solutions), MD, USA
Transportation Services Associates, Inc., KA, USA (Consulting)
Transportation System Design, CA, USA (Technology Consulting)
Transrapid, Magnetic Levitation Train, Germany
Transtop, USA (Shelter Advertising)
Transurb, Belgium, Worldwide Systems
TranSystem, Consulting, USA
TranTeC America, Worldwide (Consultants)
Trapeze Software Group, Canada (Schedule Software)
Travel Insurance
Trolley Bus Consulting (International)
Turbodyne Engine Performance, CA, USA (Pollution Eliminators)
Twist-In Bollard

Ultrak, Mobile Video
UMA Transit Planning, Worldwide
Universal Coach Parts, IL, USA (Aftermarket Bus Parts)
Used Buses Worldwide
Used Shuttle Buses for Sale (US and Canada)
USSC Group (Driver's Seats etc.)

Vectran Corporation, PA, USA (Mobile Communication, Remote Control)
Victoria Transport Policy Institute, BC, Canada (Consulting, Software etc.)

Wardrop's Transportation Engineering, Worldwide (Engineering, Technology, Software etc.)
Wayfarer, UK (Electronic Fare Collection Systems)
Wendell Cox Consultancy
Western-Cullen-Hayes, IL, USA (Railroad Products, Maintenance)
Whiting, Railway & Transit Maintenance
Wilson, Ihrig & Assoc., Acoustical Consultants
World Trans Inc., KA, USA (Buses, new and used)

Zeta-Tech, NJ, USA (Railroad Technical Consulting)

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