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Railway Resources with Worldwide Links to Railroad and Train Companies
Railway Enthusiasts, and General Rail Links

General Rail Related Sites
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z
20th Century Railway Club, Chicago, USA
6060 - The Spirit of Alberta
Age of Steam (UK)
Alan's Railway Emporium, UK
All Aboard, Train Toys
American Orient Express
American Railroad History
American Railway Development Association (ARDA)
Amtrak Train Tracker
Argentinian Railway Page
Association of American Railroads
ASLRRA, Railroad Association
Australian Rail Adventures (GSR)
Australian Rail Map
Australian Rail Passes

Bluebell Railway Preservation Society, UK
BRMNA, Railway book Publishers, Canada

California Western Railroad (Skunk Train)
Canada by Rail
Canadian Passenger Railways, Steamtrains etc.
Canadian Railway Stations
Central Pacific Coast Rail Excursions
Chester-le-Track (UK Railstation)
Chicago Tunnel Company Railroad
China Train Guide
Class 60 Data Site, UK
Columbus Ohio Railroad Gallery
Cuban Railway Info
Cyberspace World Railroad
Czech Train Traveller's Club

Dave's Electric Railroads

Edmonton Radial Railway Society
Eric's Rail News
EurailPress, News, Germany
European Railway Agency
European Railway Server
Europe on Rail, Canada

Federal Railroad Administration, USA
Finnish Rail Administration
Florida Rails, Passenger Trains to the Palms
France's Scenic Railways (Trust)

German Railway Signalling
German Railway Timetables
Go-Parts, Kid friendly History for Kids
Great Northern Railway Historical Society
Great Northern Railway Page
Great Orme Tramway, UK
Greg's Train Page, BC, Canada
Groudle Glen Railway (Isle of Man)
The Guided Tour (for people with developmental
and physical challenges)

Hank's Train Links
Hawaiian Railway
High Speed Ground Transportation Ass'n
High Speed Rail News
High Speed Train Webring
Historical Model Railroad Society
History - Travel back (nice article inspired by Mary)

Institute of Railway Technology (Canada)
International Union of Railways

John's Steam Engines

Key Lock & Lantern, Railroad Memorabilia

Light Rail Transit Association, UK
Light Rail Transit Association, Edinburgh, Scotland
Light Rail Transit Association, UK
Locomotive & Carriage Institution, UK

The Malta Railway
Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
Model Railway Layouts Blog
Model Railway
Monorail Society
Motels for Train Watchers
Mounsell Locomotive Society, UK

Newfoundland Railway Society
New Zealand Trains (Links)
New Zealand's Federation of Rail Org's
NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites

On Tracks (Model Railroading), UK
Operation Lifesaver

Paris Train Stations
Pichi Richi Railway Page
Pro Bahn (German Passenger Association)
Providence & Worcester RR (Discussions)

Railchannel TV
Rail Europe Canada
Railfan USA
Raillinkinternational (Yahoo Group)
Railpace News Magazine, USA
Rail Passes for Europe
Railroad Crossings
Railroad Directory
Railroad Paintshop
Railroad Parts: History for Kids
Rail Research Association, UK
Rail World Photography
Rail and Trolleybus City List
Railroad Net
Railroad Safety Advisory Committee
Rail Transit On Line
Railway Accidents
Railway Archive, UK
Railway Art, Photography and History
Railway Association of Canada (RAC)
The Railway Channel
Railway Enthusiasts in Switzerland
Railway Gazette
Railway Heritage of Greece
Railway History for Kids
Railway Industry Association, UK
Railway News
Railway Pictures
Railway Preservation Resources
Railways on the Isle of Man
Railway Station, USA
Railway Stations in Argentina
Railway Technical Web Pages
Railway Technology
Railway Track & Structures
Rail Webcams
Rapid Transit Net, Electric Rail Transit
Right Track, The (Advocacy Site, USA)
Rocky Mountain Rail Society, AB, Canada
Russian Railway & Tram Maps

Save our Railways Association, UK
Skunk Train
The Signal Box, UK
Society of International Railway Travelers
Soo Line Pacific #2719
South African Railway Site
South American Railway Companies
Special Train Trips Worldwide
Stan's RailPix
Steam Incorporated, New Zealand
Steam Safaris in South Africa
Steam Train Artist (Fine Drawings)
Steam Trains Trips in England
Suburban Electric Railway Association, UK

Talk about Trains, UK
The Global
Trackside Motels

TrainNet International
TrainPain (Complaints), UK
TrainsCan (Railway News)
Trainspotting in Wales, UK
Trains Magazine
Train Tracker
Transport&Industrial Heritage, UK,
(Robert Forsythe's Homepage)

Transrapid, Magnetic Levitation Train, Germany
Travel by Rail
Turkish Urban Rail System

Underground Railroad
USA and Canada by Rail (Virtual Tours)
US DOT Strategic Plan

Vacations by Rail
Verband der Eisenbahnfreunde (Railfans), Austria
Videos for Railway Fans

World Steam Pictures


A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z
Albanian Railways
AKN Eisenbahn, Germany
Arriva, UK - Europe
Austrian Railways
Austria Rail Pass

Baku (Subway), Azerbaijan
Barcelona (Spain), Metro and Regional Rail Service
Bayerische Oberlandbahn, Germany
Belgian Railways
Bentheimer Eisenbahn, Germany
BLS Loetschbergbahn, Switzerland
Bodensee-Oberschwaben Bahn, Germany
Breisgau-S-Bahn, Germany
Britain On Track
British Transport Police
BritRail, UK
British Rail Passes
Burgenlandbahn, Germany

Central Railway, UK
Central Trains, UK
Chiltern Railways, UK
Connex, UK
Croation Railway
Czech Railways

Danish Railways
Dano-Swedish Rail
Den Haag Tramways (HTM), Netherlands
Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railway)
Docklands Light Rail, UK
Dürener Kreisbahn, Germany
Dutch Railways

Elbe-Weser Area Railway, Germany
Elektriraudtee AS, Tallinn, Estonia
Emsländische Eisenbahn, Germany
English Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS), UK
Erfurter Industriebahn, Germany
ESK Valley Railway, UK
Estonian Railways
Estonia Railway (Edel)
Eurail Pass
Eurobahn, Germany
European Train Enthusiasts
European Travel Newsletter
Eurorail Passes and Tickets
Euro Railways
Eurostar Channel Train
EuskoTren, Northern Spain
Finnish Railways
Finnish ScanRail Pass
First Great Western, UK
First North Western, UK
France Pass
French Railways SNCF

German Railway (Deutsche Bahn AG)
German Rail Pass
German Rail Timetables (Schedules)
German Railway Companies (List)
Glacier Express, Switzerland
Great Eastern, UK
Great Little Trains of Wales
Great Western Trains, UK

H-Bahn, Dortmund, Germany
Hellertalbahn, Germany
Hessische Landesbahn, Germany
Hohenzollerische Landesbahn, Germany
Hungarian Railways

ICE, Inter-City-Express
Inlandsbanan, Sweden
InterConnex, Germany
International Railway Maps
Italian Railways
Trenitalia Pass
Ireland's RailNet
Isle of Man Railway Roving
Isle of Man, Rail Schedules

Kahlgrund KVG, Germany

Latvian Railways
London Visitor Travelcard
London Underground Transit Guide
London Underground Tube Station Maps
Luxembourg Railways
Luxembourg Train Page

Mansfelder Land Kreisbahn, Germany
Maps of Railways Worldwide
Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn, Switzerland
Mindener Kreisbahnen, Germany

Netherlands Railways
Nord - Ostsee Bahn, Germany
Nord-West Bahn, Germany
Northern Ireland Railways
Northern Italy Railway
Norwegian Railways
Norwegian ScanRail Pass

Odessa Train Schedule

Paris, Train Stations
Polish Railways
Polish Train Page
Portuguese Railways

Rail Passes for Europe (Rail Europe)
Railways Maps Worldwide
Regio Bahn, Germany
Rheinische Bahngesellschaft, Germany
Rheinland-Pfalz Takt, Germany
Romanian Railways
Russia by Train

Saarbahn, Germany
ScanRail Pass>
Schneebergbahn (Salamander Train), Austria
ScotRail, Scotland
Slovakian Railways
Slovanian Railway
South West Trains, UK
Spain Rail Pass
Spanish Railways
Steiermark, Austria
Stockholm Subway System
Südwestdeutsche Verkehrs AG, Germany
Swedish Railways
Swedish ScanRail Pass
Swiss Railways (List)
Switzerland Railways(SBB,CFF,FFS)
Swiss Rail Pass
Syntus, Netherlands

Talyllyn Railway, Wales
Thalys Railway
(High-Speed - Holland, Belgium, France, Germany)

Thames Trains, UK
Train Chartering Company, UK

TransPennine Express, UK
Trans-Regio Bahn, Germany
Trans-Siberian Railroad
Trenitalia Pass (Italy Pass)
TVG - France's High Speed Trains

United Kingdom Railways
UK Railway Preservation Pages

Valley Railway, UK
Virgin Trains, UK
Vogtlandbahn, Germany

Wales Train, UK (Arriva) Welsh Highland Railway
Westerwaldbahn, Germany

Youth Rail Pass

Zürich, Switzerland (Train and Bus)


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High Speed Rail Systems & Projects
Acela, US North-East Corridor
Alaris Tilting Train, Madrid-Valencia, Spain
Alpha Pendular Tilting Train, Portugal
Arlanda Express, Sweden
Australia's High Speed Project
Beijing-Shanghai High Speed
California High Speed Rail
California Maglev Project
Detroit Project
Europe's High Speed Trains
Eurostar, UK - Europe
FAA's High Speed Trains
Finland Tilting Trains
Florida Bullet Train
Frankfurt-Cologne, Germany
French High Speed Rail
Heathrow Express, UK
ICE, Inter-City-Express
Linx, Denmark-Sweden-Norway
Netherland - Belgium High Speed Train
Thalys, Europe

Light Rail Systems & Projects
Adelaide, Australia
Algiers, Algeria
Athens, Greece
Atlanta, GA, USA
Baltimore, MD, USA
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona Metro, Spain
Beijing, China
Boston, MA, USA
Brasilia Metro, Brazil
Bremen, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Buenos Aires Metropolitano, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Metrovias, Argentina
Buenos Aires TBA, Argentina
Buffalo, NY, USA
Calgary, AB, Canada
Charlotte, NC, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Cleveland, OH, USA
Columbus, OH, USA
Croyden, UK
Dallas, DART, TX, USA
Dallas Light Rail, TX, USA
Denver, CO, USA
Detroit, MI, USA
Docklands Light Rail, UK
Dortmund, Germany
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Fortaleza Metrofor, Brazil
Ft. Lauderdale (TRI-RAIL), FL
Gold Coast, Australia
Honolulu, HI, USA
Hotel Bookings Worldwide
Houston Metro
Kansas City, MO, USA
Köln, Germany
Lane Transit District, OR, USA
Light Rail Transit Association
Lisbon, Portugal
Los Angeles Metro Rail, CA, USA
Melbourne (Swanston), Australia
Mexico City, Mexico

Milwaukee's Light Rail
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MI, USA
Monterrey Metro, Mexico
Moscow, Russia
Newark, NJT, NJ, USA
Newark, Riverline, NJ, USA
New York (JFK Airtrain), NY, USA
Ottawa's O Train, ON
Paris, France
Pasadena, CA, USA
Philadephia, SEPTA, PA, USA
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Pittsburgh, PAAC, PA, USA
Portland, Streetcar, OR, USA
Portland Airport MAX, OR, USA
Porto Alegre, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Metro, Brazil
Rouen Metro, France
Sacramento, CA, USA
Salt Lake City, UTA, UT, USA
San Diego Trolley, CA, USA
San Francisco, MUNI, CA, USA
San Francisco, BART, CA, USA
San Jose, VTA, CA, USA
São Paulo Metro, Brazil
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Seattle (Tacoma Link), WA, USA
St. Louis, MO, USA
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney Metrolight, Australia
Tacoma, SOUND, WA, USA
Tampa Light Rail, FL, USA
Tokyo, Japan
Toronto, ON, Canada
Utah Commuter Rail
Vancouver SkyTrain, BC, Canada
Washington Metro, DC, USA
West Palm Beach (TRI-RAIL), FL
York Region, ON, Canada


Monorail Systems & Manufacturers
Bangkok, Thailand
Barra, Brazil
Bombardier, Canada
Chiba, Japan
Dortmund, Germany
Futrex, System 21, USA
Hitachi, Japan
Intamin, Switzerland
Jacksonville, FL, USA
Kitakyushu, Japan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Lotte World, Korea
Metrail, UK
Mitsubishi, Japan
Monorail Malaysia (under construction 2009))

Monorail Society
Moscow, Russia
Okinawa, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Owen Transit Group, USA
Seattle, USA
Severn-Lamb, UK
Shonan, Japan
Siemens Transportation, Worldwide
Skytrain, FL, USA
Sydney, Australia
Taedok Science Town, Korea
Tama, Japan
Tampa International Airport
Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Walt Disney World, FL, USA
Walt's Toy Trains (Disneyland)

See also Transit Alternatives

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Railroad Companies
The Americas

Alaska Railroad
American Orient Express
Amtrak Northeast
Amtrak's Texas Eagle
Amtrak's Coast Starlight
Amtrak's Westcoast
Argentina, Buenos Aires City Rail
Argentina's Patagonia Express (Steam)

BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit, CA, USA
Bay Colony Railroad, MA, USA
BC Rail (Canada)
Boston Commuter Rail
Brazilian Railway
Burlington Northern - Santa Fe

Canadian National Railway
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPRail)
Chile State Railway
Consolidated Rail Corp. (CONRAIL)
CSX Corporation

Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad

Florida Rails, Passenger Trains to the Palms

Go Transit, Toronto, Canada
Grand Canyon Railway, Arizona

Jersey Central Railroad
JFK Airport Rail Link

Kansas City Southern Railway

Los Angeles Rail

MARC Train (Baltimore-Washington)
Montreal Commuter Rail (STCUM)
NY Regional Rail (Cross Harbor Railroad)
Nappa Valley Wine Train
New Hampshire Railroad Revitalization
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Norfolk & Western Railway
Northern Pacific Railway
The Northlander, Ontario
Northstar Commuter Rail, MN
NYS&W Railway Corporation

Ontario Northland

Patco, High Speed Rail, New Jersey-Pennsylvania
Providence and Worcester Railroad

Reading Northern
Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad
Rocky Mountaineer Railtours
Royal Hudson Steamtrain (North Vancouver-Squamish)

San Francisco Municipal Railway (Cable Car Rentals)
Santa Clara River Valley Railroad
Sound Transit Rail (Seattle-Tacoma), WA
Staten Island Railway, NY

Tennessee Valley Railroad

Union Pacific Railway
Union Station, Los Angeles Rail Transit

Victorian Railfan Site, Australia

West Coast Express, Vancouver, BC
White Pass & Yukon, Scenic Railroad

Yolo Shortline Railroad Co., Sacramento, CA
Yosemite Valley Railroad

Alexandria, Egypt
Algiers, Algeria
Angola Railway
The Blue Train, SA
Cairo, Egypt
Cameroon Railway
Congo Railways
Desert Express, Nambia
Egypt Sleeping Trains
Eritrean Railway
Ethiopia Railway
Kenya Rail Bookings
Mada Rail, Madagascar

Mauretanian Railways
Morocco Railways
Nairobi-Mombasa Train Ticket Bookings
Namibia Railway
Nigeria Railway Corporation
Railways in Africa
Rift Valley Railways, Kenya
Rovos Luxury Rail Safaris
Spoornet, South Africa
South African Rail Commuter Corp.
South African Railways
Swaziland Railway
Tanzanian Railways
Tanzania Zambia Railway
Tunis, Tunisia
Zambia Railways

Ankara, Turkey
Asia Urban Rail Directory
Azerbaijan Railway
Bangkok, Thailand
Bangladesh Rail Schedule
Beijing, China
Baku, Azerbaijan
Bursa, Turkey
Busan, South Korea
Busan Light Rail, Korea
Calcutta (see Kolkota) Metro, India
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Chennai, India
China Rail
China Rail Travel Site
China Railways (Chinese)
China Train Guide
China Train Tickets
Delhi, India
Eastern Japan Railway Co.
Hokkaido, Japan
Hong Kong Subway Transit Railway
Hong Kong Railway Information Center
Indian Railways
Indian Railways Information
Indonesian Railways
Iranian Railway
Israel Railways
Istanbul Orient Express
Japan Bullet Train
Japan Railways (Central)
Japan (East)
Japan Rail Pass
Japan (West)
Japan (Shikoku)
Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India
Korean National Railroad
Kowlon Canton Railway Corp., China
Luxury Trains (top 25)
Malaysian Railways
Moscow Subway
Mumbai Central Railway
Nagoya Electric Railway, Japan
Nankai Electric Railway, Japan
Novosibirsk, Russia
Odakyu Electric Railway, Japan
Orient Express
Pakistan Railways
Palace on Wheels, India
Sapporo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Shanghai, China
Singapore LRT
Singapore MRT
Tehran Commuter Rail, Iran
Taiwan Railway
Thailand Railways
Trans-Siberian Railroad
Taipei, Taiwan
Tehran, Iran
Tokyo, Japan
West Japan Railway Company

Australia & Oceania
AustralAsia Railways
Australia's Great Train Journeys
Australian Rail Adventures
Australian Rail Passes
CityRail, Sydney
Ghan Train
Great Southern Railway Excursions
M-Train, Melbourne
Mornington Tourist Railway
New Zealand Rail (KiwiRail)
New Zealand Tourist Trains
Queensland Rail Network
RailPage Australia
Sydney Rail
The Ghan
Wellington, NZ
West Coast Rail
Western Australia

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Railway Supply & Services Industry
AVE Rail Products, UK
Bombardier, Canada
C.A.F. Passenger Car Rentals, Spain
CAFAF, Rubber & Systems
Canac, Rail Solutions
Cattron, Remote Controls
GatX Rail, Solution Providers
GE Capital Rail Services
GE Harris, Railway Technology
Giumma, Toilets
Grammer, Seating Systems
Hotel Bookings Worldwide
International Track Systems
Johnstown America, RailCar Rentals
Kiel, Seating, Germany
Okonite, Electrical Wiring
Orgo-Thermit, Welding & Hydraulic Tools
Pascal Systems, Seating
Röchling Haren KG, Engineering Plastics, Germany
Safetran, Railway Safety
Seat Manufacturer for Railways
Seats for Transportation
Siemens Transportation Systems
Solo Fabrications, Metals
Steam Train Drawings
Talgo, High Speed Trains
Thorn Lighting Group, Railway Lighting
Timken, Bearings-Seals etc.
Train Brokering & Consulting UK, (Train Chartering Co.)
Travel Insurance
TTC, Testing & Consulting
Ultrasonic Sciences, Testing
Vogel, Bus & Rail Seating, Germany
Western-Cullen-Hayes, Railroad Products
Zellner Railtex, Seating Fabric

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