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General Transportation

General Links, Government Agencies, Special Interest Groups
A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z
Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)
AdventurePlus Publishing
Airport Webcams Worldwide
Airports of the World
Airport Limousines
Airport Shuttle (Door-to-Door), Germany
Air Traffic Control Webring (Hellenic)
American Bus Association (ABA)
American Public Transit Association (APTA)
Aptrex Institute (American Public Transit Exams Institute)
American Transit Services Council
Association for Transportation Law & Logistics
Association of American Railroads
Auto/Car Rental Guide
Auto Rental Guide
Automatic Rail Site, Germany
Avenir Transports, France

-B- - Bus Photos
Berliner Verkehr, Transpo Info, Germany
Better Environmentally Sound Transp.
Bicycle Community Page
Bikes in Transit Info Map, USA & Canada
Birth Certificates and Passports, USA - Business Directory
British Transport Police
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (US)
Bus and Coach Insurance, UK
Bus Nut Online
Bus Plunge!
Bus- Tram- & Trolley Books
Bus Ride Magazine
Buses International Association

California Assoc. for Coordinated Transportation
California Transit Home Page
Canada Transportation Act
Canadian Coast Guard
Canadian Fuel Cell Home Page
Canadian Institute of Planners
Canadian Space Agency
Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation
Canadian Urban Transit Association
Car Sharing, UK
CCMTA (Canadian Motor Transport Administrators
Career Opportunities, FAA
Centre for Sustainable Transportation (Canada)
Center for Transportation Analysis
Center for Urban Transportation Research
Cheap Airport Pparking Finder, UK
Chicago Transit & Railfan
City Rail Transit Reference
Community Transportation Association of America
Cruise Ship Jobs
Currency Converter
Country Reports Worldwide

Departure Station U-Bahn Finder
Direito dos Transportes, Portugal

e-books, Electronic Travel Book Store
Edmonton (Better Transit Advocacy)
Edmonton Radial Railway Society
Eisenbahn- und Tram Clubs, Switzerland
Electric Transport in South America
Embassies & Consulates Worldwide (economically and ecologically intelligent transportation choices)
EcolQ Magazine
European Ferry Bookings
European Space Agency
Eurotunnel (UK-France)

Fast Ferries International On-Line
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Highway Administration
Ferry News Network
Finland's Ministry of Transport & Communications
Finnish Maritime Administration
First Group (Int. Transport), UK
Fleetsmart, Canada
Flight Tracking (Real Time)
Fly Away Simulation
Freightworld, Freight Transportation

Gadventures, Adventure Travel at its Best
German Central Timetable Info
German StreetCar Rentals
Global Careers in Transportation
Global Transportation Photography
GoClick Travel (Worldwide Ride & Travel sharing)
Going Underground - London Tube, Informative & Humorous
Google Transit Blog Page
Greenpeace International
The Guided Tour (for people with developmental and physical challenges)

Health Travel Guide Calculator
Historical Model Railway Society
History of PIA, Pakistan Intern'l Airlines
Holiday Homes, Europe
Youth Hostels Worldwide
Hotel Bookings Worldwide

Innovative Transportation Technologies, People Movers, etc.
Institute of Transportation Engineers
Intelligent Transportation Society of America
Intelligent Transportation Systems
International Airport Guide
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT)
International Association of Public Transport
International Civil Aviation Organization
International Shipping Portal
International Single's Society, Travel
International Transportation Webring
International Tourist Assistance & Information Service
International Union of Public Transport
In Transit (Interviews & Photos)

Japan Travel Updates
Jobs in Transportation Worldwide
JFK Airport 50th Anniversary Page
Journal of Transportation Statistics (US)
Just 4 Boats (Boating Supplies)

Kennedy Space Center

-L- (1 man's travel without money..)
Living in London
London Airports Transfers, UK
London (Info London), UK
London Underground Tube Diary Site
Light Rail Transit Association, Edinburgh, Scotland
Limos on Line
Lytton's Transit Site

Mapping, Railways & Transportation
Maps for anywhere in North America
Maps of Public Transit
Media & Travel Links
Metro Magazine, Public Transportation Info
MetroPlanet (European Subway Directory)
Ministry of Transportation, Germany
Ministry of Transportation & Highways, BC, Canada
Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, Canada
Ministry of Transportation, Taiwan
Missouri Planes and Buses (Photos)
Motorcycle Accident Causes
Motorbus Society, New Jersey, US
The Movers Club, North America

Nahverkehrswegweiser, Germany
National Archive of Transport, Travel & Trade, UK
The National Safety Council
The National Station Car Association
National Traffic & Road Closure Info, USA
National Transit Library, US
National Transportation Safety Board
Natural Gas Buses in Service
New York City Transit Site (unofficial)
New York Transit Center
Next Stop Productions (bus videos)
Niagara's Transportation Center, Canada (Unofficial)
NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites
North Carolina Institute for Civil Engineering
North-Western University - Transportation Library

Ocean Weather Information
Office of Airline Information
Ontario Community Transportation Ass'n
Order Foreign Currency in Advance
Oregon Transit Association

Pacific Space Centre
Pathflow Estimators, UK
PCC StreetCar Rentals Club
Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
Perry's Transit Links
Phone Book of the World
Photos - Aircraft
Photos - Buses
Photos - Ferries
Photos - Passenger Ships
Photos - Passenger Vehicles all Modes
Photos - Streetcars
Photos - Trains
Photos - Trolleys
Pizza Power, Bicycling the San Francisco Bay Area
Poetry in Motion, Travel Poems etc.
The Port of Vancouver
Project Action (Accessibility Site, US)
Public Transit in NH, VT, ME & MA
Public Transport Web

Rail for the Valley, Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Railroad Parts: History for Kids
Real Holiday Reports
Rideseek (Worldwide ride sharing)
Ridesharing, Worldwide
Rotorwash International (Jobs/Resumes)
Rules of the Air (Rights & Options)

School Bus Transportation
Seat 61
Seattle Public Interest Transportation Forum
Shawn's Home on the Web (Pittsburg)
Sherwood Models Online
Standing Senate Commitee on Transport, Canada
Strassenbahn und Omnibusse (StreetCar Rentals & Buses) in Germany
Subways of the World Navigator
Subways Net(Worldwide)

Taxi Info Worldwide
Taxinet - Home page
Texas Transportation Institute
Thailand Transportation Photo Site
TimeOut, Global Travel Aid and more...
TMX - Transit and Music Express
Toronto Transportation Society
TRACECA Transport Corridor Europe Caucasus Asia
Traffic Info (live), US Cities
Traffic Flow Page
Training, Bus Drivers & Technical, NJ
iTramways, (French)
Tramway Page, Sweden
Transbus Society, France
Transit Center
Transit City, USA (Youth Educational Site)
Transit Rider
Transit System's Addresses
Transit Employees (Translink) Health Benefits, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Transit Standards Consortium (TSC)
Transit Toronto
Transit Web Site Search
TransPool (Rideshare)
Transport Art, UK
Transportation Directory
Transport&Industrial Heritage, UK,(Robert Forsythe's Homepage)
Transport Canada
Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)
Transportation Action Network
Transportation Development, Australia
Transportation Equity Act, 21st Century
Transportation Ideas (Vancouver, Canada area)
Transportation Research Board
Transportation Research Info Services
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Transport Images
Transport of Delight, UK
Transport Ticket Society, UK
Travel Insurance

U.K. Public Transport Information
United Motorcoach Association
United Space Alliance
Urban Transit Club, Manhattan, NY City
Urban Transport in Brazil (Government Agency)
U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics
U.S. Department of Transportation
USN Blimps 1954-1956
US Transit Advocacy Groups

Vancouver Streetcar
Vancouver Trolley Bus 50th Anniversary Site
VDV, Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
Venture Reprive, UK
Victoria Transport Policy Institute, Canada
Videos of Air, Cruise, and Rail topics
Vincent Movers, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Western Transit, CA, USA
Wiener Linien Blues Band
Wikipedia (International Encyclopedia)

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Transportation Unions
ATU, Canadian Council
ATU International Home Page
ATU, Latino Caucus
ATU, Local 19, Colorado Springs, CO
ATU, Local 85, Pittsburgh, PA
ATU Local 113, Toronto, ON
ATU, Local 265, San Jose, CA
ATU, Local 382, Salt Lake City, UT
ATU, Local 583, Calgary, AB
ATU, Local 587, Seattle, WN
ATU, Local 689, Washington, DC
ATU, Local 726, Staten Island, NY
ATU, Local 757, Portland, OR
ATU, Local 883, Everett, WN
ATU, Local 1001, Denver, CO
ATU, Local 1015, Spokane, WN
ATU, Local 1093, Kalamazoo, MI
ATU, Local 1179, New York
ATU, Local 1277, Los Angeles
ATU, Local 1300, Baltimore, MD
ATU, Local 1374, Calgary, AB
ATU, Local 1395, Pensacola, FL
ATU, Local 1433, Phoenix, AZ
ATU, Local 1512, Springfield, MA
ATU, Local 1555, Oakland, CA
ATU, Local 1572, Mississauga, ON
ATU, Local 1576, Everett, WA
ATU, Local 1605, Martinez, CA
ATU, Local 1700, Chicago, (Greyhound)
CAW, Canadian Auto Workers Union
CAW News Page
Canadian Labour Congress
CAW 111, Vancouver, BC
Community Bus (Info re Privatization of
Bus Service in Greater Vancouver)

CUPE Local 4500
International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Road Transport Union
Int'l Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)
Licensed Officers and Maritime Workers Union
Railway Legislative Action Committee (US)
Sea Port Information Pages, USA
The Silverside Pages
Surrey, BC, Canada (CAW member's site)
Teamsters Net
Transit Employees (Translink) Health Benefits,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Transp'n Communication Union (TCU), NY, USA
Transportation Trades Dept.
Transport Worker's Union of America
United Auto Workers - UAW
United Transportation Union
Wages Info Australia
Yahoo, Labor & Union News

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Transit Alternatives
Adtranz Rail Systems (now Bomardier)
Aerobus, Suspended Rail Systems
Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)
Alternative Transit Guide
Alweg Systems
Aquaglide, Russia
Bombardier Monorails
Doug Malewicki's Inventions
Electric Bus/Mass Transit
Futrex System 21
Higherway Transit Research
High Road Rapid Transit System
Hitachi Monorail
HSST Systems, Japan
Hybrid Electric Transit Buses
Innovative Transportation Technologies, People Movers etc.
Integrated Transportation Sytems
Korean Skycar
Magnetic Rail (Transrapid), Germany
The MIX Concept
Owens Transit Group Inc., USA (High Road Rapid Transit System)
People Mover
People Pod
Rapid Urban Flexible, Denmark
RUF Personal Rapid Transit
Sky Rail, UK
Skytrain Urban High Speed Monorail
Suspended Urban Transit Technology
Siemens People Mover
Suspended Urban Transit Technologies
SwedeTrack System
System 21 Urban Monobeam
Taxi 2000
Transrapid, MVP, Germany
Tread Homepage
Urbanaut Monorail
ULtraUrban Light Transport
The Whoosh
World Assist Group LLC
Wuppertal Floating Train

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